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Outdoor Water


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Here's How You Can Help!


November- March:  1x week

April- October: 3x week  


Over half of a home’s annual water use occurs outdoors, below are some steps you can take to reduce outdoor watering.

And with the potential of a FOURTH year of drought looming in our future, we all need to do our part to reduce our water use even further.

How Much Water Can You Save?

Use Water-Wise Trees & Shrubs

30-50% water in areas converted from grass


Adjust Sprinkler Head to Prevent Water Waste

12-15 gallons each time you water

Test/Run Irrigation for Leaks

up to 6,300 gallons

Use a Broom to Clean Outdoor Areas

8-18 gallons per minute

Set Lawn Mower Blades to 3"

16-50 gallons per day

Use Mulch in Planter Areas

20-30 gallons per 1,000 sq. ft.


Install Drip Irrigation and/or Smart Controller

15 gallons each time you water

Wash Vehicles at Carwash with Recycled Water

8-18 gallons per minute

Use a Pool or Spa Cover

Reduces evaporation


Install a Smart Sprinkler Timer

24+ gallons per day

In the Drought

Help out

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