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Modern Design Bathroom

Indoor Water


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Here's How You Can Help!

Right now, state water officials are asking for 15% voluntary reductions, but we are anticipating if the drought continues, we may face mandatory reductions by as much as 30%. 

We all need to do our part to reduce our water use! Here's how you can help your community save water indoors!

How Much Water Can You Save?

Fix Leaks

110 gallons per month


Install High Efficiency Toilet

19 gallons per day

Take 5-Minute Showers

12.5 gallons per shower

Fill Up Bathtub Halfway or Less

12 gallons per bath


Install Sink Faucet Aerators

1.2 gallons per person, per day

Turn off Water When Brushing Teeth of Shaving

10 gallons per person, per day


15-45 gallons per load

Wash Full Loads of Clothes

5-15 gallons per load

Wash Full Loads of Dishes

Scrape Food Off Dishes Instead of Pre-rinsing

20 gallons per load

In the Drought

Help out

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