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Drought Status

Despite historic rain and snowfall during this winter,  there hasn’t been enough to relieve California’s drought. This is just the sixth rainy year we’ve seen in over two decades, and in spite of  above-average rainfall, drought still looms due to our naturally dry climate.

It’s important to stay water-wise and continue to save – here’s how:

in rain

Fix Leaks
Within 48 Hours


  • Give your lawn a rest. Turn off sprinklers and stop watering for two weeks after rainfall.

  • Get smart. Check out rebates for smart sprinkler timers to optimize water use.

  • Use the soil-finger test.  If you can stick your finger into the soil, don’t water.

  • Your toilet is the biggest culprit for indoor leaks. Use leak detection strips to find toilet leaks.

  • Save water – and money. Stop the dribble from faucets and shower heads.

  • Watch for outdoor leaks. Manually turn on and inspect sprinklers and outdoor fixtures for leaks.

  • Want to do more to help out the drought? Check out our free water conservation classes and events.

  • Follow @smwdwater for the latest news.

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Together, We Can Tap Out Drought




Did you know most water usage occurs outdoors? You can help out in the drought by saving water outdoors, today! Experiment with colorful water-efficient plants or by implementing one of the following water saving tips:  

Water One Day 

A Week

Irrigation white icon.png

Install A Drip Irrigation System

Fix Leaks and 

Sprinkler Heads

sprinkler timer icon white.png

Invest in

Smart Timers

Plant Water-wise Trees & Shrubs

Use Brooms to Clean Outdoors

Modern Bathroom



Cutting down on indoor water usage can make a big difference! You can save up to 110 gallons of water by adjusting your daily indoor habits. 

toliet white icon.png

Fix Toilet Leaks

Take 5 Minute Showers

Install High Efficiency Appliances

washing icon white.png

Run Full Loads

Laundry & Dishwashers

Turn Off Faucets When Not In Use

Fill Tubs Halfway

Grab Your


Need a sign to get a sign? Show your support for helping out in the drought with a custom SMWD yard sign! Pick one up at our office.  


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